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Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs at Joschi International School of Vinyasa Yoga, New York

Joschi Yoga Institute NYC
Yoga Alliance Registered School


Joschi Schwarz - Director  
Monika Werner - Director
163 West 23rd Street 
New York, NY 10011

Phone: 212.399.6307


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Are you Ready to Live Your Life on Your own Terms?
Calling all Freedom-Hunters, Thought-Leaders, Rule-Breakers & Difference-Makers...
Connect with yourself through modern yoga, energy work, coaching, self-inquiry, meditation and group dialogue and create a whole new lifestyle on and off the mat that is soul satisfying and body electrifying. Our Three Day Intensive will change the way you think, feel and act so profoundly and dramatically that it will be hard to believe you haven't been excelling your whole life.
Why is it that work on the body can so dramatically impact our state of mind? Why does work on the mind create physical experiences? Modern science is just at the beginning of exploring this relationship, but yogis have been working with this understanding for centuries. We will discover the relationship between mind and body from both the yogic philosophy as well as the latest scientific discoveries to create experiences that will transform your life.
As you bring more connection, transformation, liberation and presence into your life you will also work with your mindset to re-energize and inspire yourself. The goal is to empower you to tap into the unlimited potential of your true self and have the freedom to create the life you choose to experience. You will receive a road map to create an empowered yoga practice and lifestyle that supports you in your daily life. You will become strong, confident and assured in yourself and feel more connected and fully expressed in your body.
Led by the extraordinary Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner, this Three Day Intensive is both fun and transformational. By cultivating awareness of the link between the inner and outer world, we direct our focus, intensify physical and mental awareness and delve deeper into an inspiring conversation with your body, your practice and your life.
The captivating Three Day Intensive is designed to empower you and will help you open your heart by unlocking latent energies into empowering forms of self-expression. In this interactive program we work with proven tools and strategies from innovation science, yogic philosophies, movement and meditation as well as your inspiration to identify your talent, transform your performance and most importantly live your life from a place of being your authentic self. You get a multitude of opportunities for personal growth and find a greater sense of balance and a widened sense of your capacity for movement and life. The power and elegance of the program will leave you shifted, inspired and with a healthy dose of self-confidence.


• Both new and seasoned practitioners.
• Yoga Teachers looking for new inspiration
• Yoga Studio Owners


• Yoga Practice
• Meditation Practice
• Energy Work
• Self-Inquiry
• Life Coaching
• Group Discussion

Joschi Power Yoga Three Day Intensives flow organically. Typically you can expect guided meditation practices, two to three yoga practices and inspirational group discussions. The days are interspersed with short breaks and lots of fun with an amazing, energetic community.


Three Day Intensives meet Friday 6pm to 9pm | Saturday 9am to 6pm | Sunday 9am to 4pm


Three Day Intensive
February 06 - 08, 2015   >SIGN ME UP!


Three Day Intensive - $275

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