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From the moment we arrive in this world and open our eyes for the very first time, we awaken to a new reality full of possibilities.
For as long as I can remember, I was charged with purpose and motivation and have always been in the business of helping people. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, my core belief has always revolved around one question: How can I improve my life and the life of the people around me.
I studied medicine specializing in sports medicine, internal medicine and psychosomatic. After working in hospitals with young men and women with depression, anorexia and bulimia, I started my first business at the age of 24. Owning a private health care service company, I was able to guide my patients through some of the toughest times of their lives.
During this time I discovered my passion for dance and quickly enjoyed a rise to fame as part of the dance company 'First Creation'. I collaborated with stars like Chaka Khan, Haddaway, The Weather Girls, etc. in commercials, music videos and stage productions all around Europe.
Through the experiences I had traveling the world as a dancer I found my passion for sharing my love for dance and combining it with my knowledge of the human body and anatomy as a teacher & choreographer.
In 1995 I moved to NYC and started working for some of the most prestigious studios and gyms in the city. I got the opportunity to present my innovative new class concepts all over the world as a presenter at numerous dance, fitness and wellness conventions.
A short journey back to Germany in 1998 led to the opening of a boutique studio in the heart of Stuttgart where we were the first place to offer White Cloud Yoga to our students. After a couple of years back in Europe, I realized that I missed the pulse of NYC too much. I sold the studio and moved back to the US where everything was brought to full circle in 2006 when I opened Joschi Yoga Institute together with Monika Werner, certifying hundreds of new yoga teachers.




We come into this world completely naked, absolutely perfect and with limitless potential, in other words, we are real, authentic and vulnerable.
Born in Stuttgart, Germany, my passion has always been to inspire people to embrace their own power in life, believe in themselves, dream big and go after what they want most in life. I believe that mindful, courageous living is key to success which I convey to all of my students as a teacher, coach and mentor in my group and private classes.
A dear friend of mine once said: 'The universe may not always give you what you want, but it will never give you more than you can handle.' The challenges that life throws you are your opportunities for growth. As a teenager I lost both my parents to cancer, which forced me to grow up faster and take responsibility for my own life.
In order to give my father peace of mind before his passing, I decided to study Spanish & Russian to become an interpreter and enrolled at the University of Heidelberg. To deal with my Dad's death I started dancing and found a new passion. I moved back to Stuttgart to have more time for dancing and enrolled at the University of Hohenheim.
Even before graduating, Joschi Schwarz and I joined forces and opened a boutique studio in the heart of Stuttgart. After selling our studio, I graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources & minor in Psychology. After a decade of climbing the corporate ladder as a head hunter and marketing event planner, I quit my prestigious, high-pressure job in Europe and moved to NYC in 2000.
As a passionate yogini, entrepreneur and adventurer, I made full use of my talents in 2006, launching Joschi Yoga Institute together with Joschi Schwarz, co-directing several Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs each year, training, certifying and inspiring hundred of emerging yoga teachers.
Today, I continue to live by my mission to empower students. I live for the connection to my students built on a blend of rich life experiences, self-study and awareness.


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